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Established in 1976 in South Australia Fox Surf has a history that dates back for over 40 years.

Chasing the idylic lifestyle that the Gold Coast offered Fox soon moved to the Gold Coast and has remained here for 35+ years.

Fox is still based on the Gold Coast only minutes away from some of the best high performance surf breaks in the world.


We also have a dealer in Japan that makes some of Japans best quality suits.

Fox has always stayed true to its hard core beginings and has had some of the worlds best wearing our suits. Names include, Josh Kerr, Wayne Deane, Chris Davidson, Chelsea Williams, Grant Thomas and the list goes on. There have also been glimpses of Billy Hamilton running around in a Fox Tubie when he visits from Hawaii.

Over the years we have helped a large number of grommets and juniors realize their dreams of living the dream.

We have a statement within Fox "Fox - We will get you there".

We now manufacture and supply suits to a wide variety of surf companies and still get a buzz seeing our suits in mags etc plastered with logos other than our own and seeing our product through the angle of a different brand.

We have made the decission to maintain as much of our manufacturing within Australia and we are still 100% Australian owned and run.

We are the alternative to the big four.

Who am I? I am no-one. I have surfed my whole life, and like most people I see and speak to in the water...I am out there to enjoy the feeling.

So why should you give us a go?

Well, Fox Surf may be small when it comes to worldwide wetsuit companies but we are one of the biggest if you count Heart and Soul.

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